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To serve our GOD ALMIGHTY through His Son, LORD JESUS CHRIST, in the beauty of His holiness. To be guided by the Word of GOD. To fulfil the spiritual needs of born-again believers in Central India, North India and at places wherever the Spirit of God leads.


We praise our GOD ALMIGHTY through His Son LORD JESUS CHRIST for His eternal plans and purposes for BETHEL, Nagpur. The ministry here started from a humble beginning. Bro. Ashirvadam, a Professor in a local Government College, was the first, who started preaching Gospel in and around Nagpur, through which this mission was initiated and gradually souls were being added by the LORD.

The journey of the Church started with prayer meetings held in the houses of believers. Soon, these prayer meetings were extended to Worship Service (on Sundays) held from house to house, and sometimes in the premise of local schools. During this time, Bro. Bakht Singh visited Nagpur for special meetings arranged on permission at a local Church premises.

While the Church was gathering from place to place for worship service, Bro. Devdas Suryawanshi – God’s servant, Sis. Susheela Devdas – God’s handmaiden and their family was sent from Hebron, Hyderabad – in the year 2003. During this time, worship service was continued in a rented hall at a local missionary hospital. Later, a house was taken on rent for worship and other weekly meetings, which also served as God’s servant’s residence. For two years, the Church ministry continued with Worship Service, Weekly Meetings, Sisters’ Meetings, Sunday-School, Door-to-Door Gospel and Fasting and Prayer Meetings at that rented house. As more believers were added to the Church, and increasing constraints of space, noise related issues cropping up, the LORD gave us the burden to have our own place to worship Him with liberty and freedom.

As we asked the LORD about this, many God’s servants along with the local Church, joined us in prayer by holding on to the promise which the LORD gave us from John 1:50 “…thou shalt see greater things than these..” The financial resources available with the Church, when prayers started for having our own place for worship, was just ten thousand rupees.

Alongside the prayers, search and survey was initiated around Nagpur city to find the chosen and right place for the Church. The LORD heard our prayers and opened the doors. Soon, a plot of about 16000 Sq. Ft. was identified in Lava village, on the outskirts of Nagpur, which is around twelve kilometres from the centre of city.  By faith, the LORD enabled us to enter into an agreement of purchase within six months of the search, and helped us to pay an amount of twelve lakh rupees towards the purchase. During this period, our needs were upheld in prayers by many believers. Many God’s servants, responsible brothers and believers who were praying about this matter also encouraged us. Bro. G.T. Benjamin, elder at Hebron and Bro. K. Philip, elder at Hebron, who were praying for us, visited the plot and prayed for it. Our never failing LORD guided us and helped us through HIS mighty power to own that land. The sacrifices and commitment of local believers is commendable and needs to be mentioned for the glory of GOD. This was a great miracle the LORD has performed for our small flock at Bethel, thus laying a stronger foundation of faith and encouraging us to look forward to greater things.

Construction of Prayer House Building

Having seen the powerful hand of our LORD JESUS working, prayers continued all over the places for us and on our behalf for the construction of our own prayer house. Finally, our ALMIGHTY GOD enabled us to start the construction of the Church building that can accommodate both the gathering for Worship Service and also serve as residence for the God Servant’s family. LORD honoured our faith and wonderfully helped us to have the prayer house built on the first floor and God Servant’s residence on the ground floor.

This Prayer House was dedicated to the glory of our GOD by Bro. Joseph Kurian, elder at Hebron, in the month of October, 2011. The Church dedication was attended by many GOD’s servants, responsible brothers from different assemblies, along with local believers and believers outside Nagpur. Everybody present in the meeting glorified the wonderful acts of our LORD JESUS. The believers at Bethel were much revived in faith by the prayers and presence of the saints.

It was during this meeting, both believers and God’s Servants those who were present, encouraged and inspired us to have HOLY CONVOCATION conducted at Nagpur every year so that many believers can attend the meetings from North India and receive spiritual edification.

After much prayer and waiting, our GOD gave us His grace to conduct HOLY CONVOCATIONS every year since 2012. Many believers from Delhi, NCR, Bihar, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat, besides the believers from South India, are regularly attending these meetings year-on-year.

During these HOLY CONVOCATIONS, separate accommodation is arranged for Brothers and Sisters with best possible facilities. Food is prepared and cooked by born again Brothers and Sisters, served free of cost to the entire gathering. Book-Room is available with the Bibles and many other spiritual books, where day wise Audio and Video DVDs of messages, songs and sessions are kept ready by the last day of the HOLY CONVOCATION. While believers attending these meetings witness that they are touched and encouraged through this spiritually disciplined ministry, the local Church members deem it a privilege and blessing in serving the family of GOD.

Formation of Trust

During the time of search for a suitable plot area for the prayer house, need for a local legal standing was observed. In order to obey the law of the land, which is the commanded of our LORD, and after much prayers, a Religious Trust was formed with the inclusion of few responsible brothers and the GOD Servant as trustees.

The trust deed was registered with Commissioner of Charities, Nagpur and the registration number was obtained. Since then, audited financial accounts are submitted every financial year. For the glory of GOD and to testify the Holiness of our LORD JESUS, a clean and transparent accounting system is maintained by the trust and its members. Bye-laws of the trust were drafted, the copy of which is submitted to the Commissioner of Charities. The extended vision of the trust is as follows:

The Trust shall also set-up and run…

1.  An old age home to serve the elderly GOD Servants who have become old and physically weak.
2.  A training center for new and young GOD servants for expansion of spiritual work.
3.  A residential school for the children of GOD Servants who are serving the LORD full time in remote places where there are no facilities for proper education.


Bro. Devdas Suryawanshi

Bro. Rajesh Motghare


Bro. S. Rathod

Bro. PSPT Shetty

Bro. P.S.P.T. Shetty

Bro. N. Ranganayakulu

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